Designing Clothing And Ceramics

My creative process begins by surrounding myself with visual inspirations from art galleries, old films, flea markets, books, and nature. I then draw on paper how the final piece will look, and select the clay body and glazes to use.

The making of the ceramic piece is the longest part of the process but also the most rewarding. I first create my piece on the potters’ wheel, then finish it when hard enough to be handled by carving, trimming, and working on details. Two separate kiln firings and the glazing between them completes the process; only after about four weeks the piece is now ready to be shipped.

I constantly work on my designs and the decorating process, because I believe colors and patterns are as important as shape and functionality. Some of my pieces take up to one hour to paint, often using four different glazes applied at different times, but every step is necessary to obtain the final result I want. Details are key to me, from testing and selecting the best raw materials, to packing with extra care every piece on its way to my customers.

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