Designing New Hoodies For Couples In Relationships

I love the thought process when it comes to designing a new item of clothing or one of my ceramics. Recently I have been working on the design process for a new clothing range. For me the design process is part inspiration and part thought process. Most of the time a design just floats into my head and then I just need to work on the fine details.

My latest designs revolve around hoodies, specifically ones that are made for couples to wear together. I love the thought of bringing a relationship closer together and that’s what I feel these clothes will do. When a couple wears matching outfits it is very romantic and tells the outside world how much you care for each other. I feel they can bring a couple even closer together purely by that act of showing everyone how much they think of each other.

You can already purchase matching hoodies for couples cheap at a number of places and the site I just linked to will give you some better ideas when it comes the what is available and popular in the couple hoodies clothing range.

The concept I have for my designs of hoodies will be slightly different to the current mainstream brands like the quite popular His Queen/ Her King type of hoodie. Obviously a hoodie is already a great item of clothing and hard to improve upon but I have added my own person touch without drastically altering the original hoodie concept. The design pattern itself is where I can really let my artistic creativity flow free and while they are still on the drawing board, I think you will love where I have taken the basic idea of hoodies for couples.

Once I have finalized the design and created the initial prototype I will introduce it to a few close confidants in the industry to gauge the initial reaction before engaging with a wider range of people. When I am satisfied the response is positive I will show them here on my site to get some broader feedback. From where the designs are right now and looking at what is currently out there, those people who like this type of clothing are certainly going to enjoy these. I think I have taken the couple hoodies styling to a new level of style the both partners will enjoy wearing.

As well as the being great designs I wanted a hoodie that could not only be worn for couple in a relationship when they are out together but also ones that would make sense when going out alone. Some of the ones for sale now don’t really work well when worn alone and I wanted to change that with my ideas.

Further updates when I move forward, I am very busy fulfilling orders and designing and enjoying my life.

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