Rosella Manzini – Designer Of Clothing And Ceramics

Hi, my name is Rossella Manzini, also known as Ross, and I am the one with the muddy hands behind RossLab. I was born and raised in Italy but I now live in San Jose, California, where RossLab is based, with my husband Claudio and cat Cesare.

I have loved art and experimented with different medium all my life, but it was a few years ago that I discovered my love for clay and cloth.

What I like the most about making ceramics and clothing is to know they will share and brighten someone else’s home and life. There is a story behind every piece that I make: it begins with me, the designing process and the making, and it ends with my customers and how they choose to use my creations. This is the beauty of being a potter: I make things that are beautiful to look at, yet functional and made to be lived with.

When I am not at the potter’s wheel or at the design board, I like making photographs, watching old films, spending time with my beloved husband and cat (strictly in this order!) walking in the woods and looking at the ocean


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